Earlville Opera House Specifications

The Earlville Opera House is an historic theater registered as a National Historic Site.  Originally built in 1892, the Opera House is one of six known functioning second-story opera houses.  Because of the building's age, and despite extensive renovation and modernization, there are several specifications of which performers should be aware.  We expect that you will find the Opera House both charming and enjoyable to perform in, as the atmosphere is unique and intimate and the acoustics are excellent.  Please review the following specifications to familiarize yourself with the facility.  If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call the Executive Director at (315) 691-3550.

The theater seats 300, with 250 seats on the floor and 50 additional seats in a rear balcony.

The stage is shaped in a proscenium arch, with measurements of 19' x19' and 13' high.  There are stage box seats.  The stage is raked approximately 6" from front to back.  The backstage area is approximately 580 square feet.

A control booth at the rear of the house houses a 24 channel, 2 scene preset dimmer board.  There 18 - 2000W and 6 - 1500W dimmers, patchable to 24 outlets and the borders.  The equipment includes 8 - 6x12 ellipsoidals, 8 - 6" fresnels, 4 - 8"parcans, 4 - 6" parcans, and 3 border strips, plus various gels.

With pressed tin ceilings and wood floors, the Opera House is a small, intimate theater with excellent acoustics.  A baby grand antique Chickering piano can be placed on stage.  An upright piano is located on the floor directly in front of the stage; it cannot be placed on the stage.  See sound tech sheet.

The stage is masked in black curtains.  There is a main curtain.

The front ascending stairs are 21 steps from the street to the lobby, and 60" wide.  The rear, external fire escape stairs are 24 steps and are 57" wide. 

The theater is accessible with a ramp on the north side of the building that leads to the main lobby entrance at door #18 East Main St. A lift in the main lobby goes to the Arts Cafe and the second floor theater.

Dressing rooms
Located immediately off stage left are two dressing rooms: one small, the other medium-sized.  Bathroom facilities are public with locking door.

The Opera House is now heated but does not have air-conditioning. Electric fans are available.

Fire Escape
There are four fire escapes. The outside fire escape is to the rear of the building is 57" wide.

Additional Information
- The Opera House is run by volunteers.  We need to be notified in advance of your needs and your arrival time in order to accommodate you.

-Normally we plan a 15 minute intermission near the middle of each show.  Starting time for shows is 8 p.m. for evening shows and 2 p.m. for matinees and children's shows, unless specific arrangements have been made to the contrary.

-Contracts specify a date by which publicity materials must arrive.  Please send information in a timely manner, as the entire performing arts season is advertised in newsletters, which are sent in mid-April.