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HOWEVER, IF YOU PREFER TO NOT ORDER ONLINE, PLEASE EMAIL US OR CALL THE OFFICE AT (315) 691-3550 TO ORDER TICKETS.  Note: Online ticketing is not available for our ARTS CAFE venue, please call for tickets.  Thanks!


Note: tickets sales are final. No refunds or exchanges. A tax donation letter is available for unused tickets, just call the EOH office.

Using our online ticketing system is easy!  Create or log in to your website account, then follow these steps:

1. First, click on one of the events that are offering online ticket sales.  At certain times of year, there may not be ANY events for which you can purchase tickets online.  Be sure to check back often!

2. At the bottom of the event's detailed information, you will see a box with the date(s) that the event is taking place.  Click on a date to begin ordering tickets for that date.  (If the date is not clickable, then online ticket purchasing is not available for the event you chose.)

3. After clicking a date, you will be asked to choose a seating section.  You will also see "base" ticket prices for each seating section.  The "base" ticket price is also known as the "general admission" price, and is usually the highest price you would pay for tickets.

4. After choosing your seating section, you will see a diagram detailing the rows and seats available in that section.  Available seats will be green, seats that have already been purchased will be red.  As you choose your seats, your pending choices will be shown in yellow.

Each time you choose a seat, you will be asked for a "ticket type" you wish to purchase.  This allows you to choose a General Admission ("Base") ticket, or (if available) one of the discount ticket prices based on who will be using that seat.  (See :"What are the rules regarding discounted ticket prices?", below)

You may choose multiple seats for multiple events before purchasing your tickets.

To remove a seat choice, click the yellow seat.  You can also remove seat choices by clicking the "X" button next to the seat you wish to remove in the My Tickets list.

5. If you want to see a summary of all the pending seats you have chosen, or if you are ready to purchase, just click the purple "My Tickets" icon in the left menu.

6. From the My Tickets screen, if there are no ticket conflicts, you can click the Check Out Now button.  You will then be asked to enter your credit card information using a secure web form.  Credit card processing is immediate, right online!  You will also have a chance to tell us how you would like to receive your tickets -- whether you'd like to pick them up at our office, or have them delivered via USPS (not available if it is sooner than 5 days before any event for which you have chosen tickets).

7. You will receive a confirmation page showing that your order was completed successfully, including all your ticket choices and your order number.  If you are picking up your tickets, please print this confirmation page and bring it with you for proof of purchase.

You can log in to the website at any time to view all ticket purchases.


How do I know what events are offering online ticket sales?

Whenever events appear in a list, if the event is offering online ticket sales, it will say so right in the list.  Also, whenever you click on an event to view "more information" about the event, if the event is offering online ticket sales, the date(s) for the event will be clickable, which is the first step in choosing your seating section.

What if someone purchases the same seats online that I've already chosen?

Our system is based on a first-come, first-served basis.  You can choose all the seats you like, but those seats are not yours until a valid credit card transaction takes place.

It is possible that while you are "shopping", someone may choose some or all of the same seats you have chosen, and make their purchase before you are done.  If this happens, you will be notified whenever you use the "My Tickets" icon, and you cannot make your purchase until you remove the conflicting seats from your selection list.  You can always go back and choose new seats.  At no time is it possible for you to purchase seats that have already been purchased.

I created an account, was logged in, and I chose seats.  Why did they disappear/why was I logged out?

To help ensure that nobody else can use your account, and also to ensure that you are seeing the most updated information, your login has a 20 minute timeout window.  If you waited too long between page loads on our site, you may have timed out.  This causes you to lose all your seat choices, and be forced to log in again.  The timeout process is common to almost all "shopping" systems on the Internet, and is a means of keeping your account secure.

Why am I prompted to log in or create an account when trying to purchase tickets online?

In order for us to allow you to view or print your order later, we need to know who you are.  We do this by allowing you to create an "account" at our website, where you may log in later to view and print your orders.  You must bring your order receipt with you if you wish to pick up your tickets.

What are the rules regarding discounted ticket prices?

To prevent a lengthy online checkout process, we only check the validity of your ticket order at the time you pick up or arrive with your tickets.  We check validity using the following guidelines:

If you purchase "Youth" tickets, the ticket holder must appear to be 18 or younger or have a valid college ID.  We may ask for a valid picture ID.

If you purchase "Member" tickets, we will ask to see your EOH or CCCA Member Card.  You may only purchase up to two tickets per event under the "Member" discount.

Note: EOH does not have a Senior ticket discount.  We do have a senior discount to become an EOH member of 20% off the regular membership rate if you'd like to become a member and get the member discount. 

Other types of discount tickets may require other methods of validation. We reserve the right to refuse admittance to a ticket holder if it appears the user of the ticket does not match the ticket type.

We reserve the right to deny admittance if a ticket appears to be modified in any way.

If you attempt admission of a ticket holder of the wrong type, we'll ask you to step out of line and pay for the proper ticket types, delaying your entry and making your experience less enjoyable.  Please support the EOH Multi-Arts Center by ordering the exact type of tickets that you will be using!

Is this safe?

Put simply:  YES.  We use 1024-bit encryption to make sure that nobody can "intercept" your credit card number as you submit it to us.  We encrypt all information we store, and we only store the information required to complete your ticket purchase.  We do not give away your email address to anybody else -- we have a strict NO SPAM policy -- and except for ticket orders (which are always confirmed by email), you can elect to NOT receive emails from us regarding special events or other EOH items of interest.  We care deeply about security and the growing SPAM problem, and have taken great care in building a safe ticket ordering system for our patrons.

Can I still call to place my order?

You sure can!  You may choose to view the available seats online, and then call to order your tickets (315-691-3550).  We do hope you will try the online ticketing system though -- it's just as safe, and it's faster and often cheaper for you!  It also frees up our limited staff to perform other pre-show duties.

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