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Contemporary Art Quilts ~ East Gallery

July 15 – Sept. 2, 2017

Sponsored by Sew Nice

Event Date(s):

· Sat Jul 15 2017 12:00 PM eastern

The annual celebration of Central New York’s rich quilting culture returns with Contemporary Art Quilts, sponsored by Sew Nice

Pictured above: Cathy Kleeman, Down the Rabbit Hole, 2014

Featuring work by...

Catherine Kleeman

Catherine Kleeman was born in Chicago, Illinois and has resided in Baltimore, Maryland since 1973. She graduated from Towson University with a Bachelor of Science in Natural Sciences. She is a self taught artist and has supplemented her education with many surface design classes working with various methods of mark making on fabrics. She currently lives with her husband and two cats, with frequent visits from children and grandchildren.

Kleeman’s work is process driven, which is an elegant way of saying she is never quite sure what it will look like when it’s finished. She begins with a concept in mind, and each new process builds on a “what if” from the previous one.  The work is only about itself, and what results from exploration and experimentation.  The structure of her work is based on the familiar form of the quilt: three layers held together by stitching. After that, multiple surface design and construction processes shape the final outcome, which may or may not be even close to the original concept. This is part of the excitement and mystery in making art. "If one knows what it is going to look like before starting, why bother?" asks Kleeman.


Sandra Landers

I was born and raised in upstate NY on a farm where quilts were a part of life and I remember vividly sleeping under quilts my grandmother made. I learned to sew at a very early age but didn’t learn to quilt until the mid seventies. I was self taught and had no formal training in art. I had a fascination with pattern and color in fabric and design. I joined a traditional quilt guild in 2001 and gradually began to explore more modern designs. Two years ago I joined the Marcellus Modern Quilt club. We challenge ourselves to try new techniques such as improvisational piecing which is the technique I used to make this quilt “Glyphs”. This is a Modern Quilt Studio design and I used Cherrywood hand dyed cotton for the blocks and a commercial print for the sashing. I randomly slashed a rectangle of cotton and inserted narrow strips with a strong contrasting color to achieve the look of a hieroglyphic design. The quilt was professionally longarm quilted by Lorane Harsma of Elbridge, NY using a random labyrinth design.

Jackie O'Brien

I've been making clothes for over 40 years, but I made my first quilt in 2004 and it was love at first stitch. I have been teaching quilting techniques since 2006. I am known for teaching One Block Wonder’s, of which I have made 62 so far (my friends tell they have medication for that). I am a Certified Instructor for Studio 180 Design. My passion is teaching others to quilt and find their own way to express themselves.


Lora Rocke

I love the intrigue of ordinary faces, the mystery of them. Reminiscent of family albums, my stitched portraits are a collection of images, portraying people in familiar settings and activities. With fabric and applique as my 'canvas', I strive to illuminate my subjects, and create a sense of time and place.  Thread is my pen, pencil, and paintbrush, with which I create the details of face and figure. This use of layers upon layers of thread gives each work life and personality. From my drawings to the final stitch, I strive to reveal the stories of people. Each piece; intricate, intriguing and saturated with color. These are portraits of everyday people, sharing everyday experiences…all, now set and ready for the storytelling. 


Loraine Roy

I have been working as a professional artist in the textile medium for thirty years. I have a BSc in Agriculture, Major in Ornamental Horticulture, and have been studying developments in tree research since graduating in 1978. In my work I draw upon my background in science to create images in fabric which evoke the strong connection I feel with the natural world. Since fabric is itself a plant or animal product, it is an ideal material for expressing and capturing the attributes of natural forms, and the techniques I use mirror processes which bring order to diverse and humble materials. Using a sewing machine, fabric, thread, distinctive appliqué techniques and an evolving visual vocabulary, I strive to interpret and illustrate biological organisms and systems. My intention is to arouse emotional connection by shining a warm light on critical unseen forces. Most of my wall pieces are inspired by the biology, mythology and symbolism of trees, classic emblems of the communion of earth and spirit. 

Ron Stefanak

Too Much Fun Three is the third quilt of my Too Much Fun series. This quilt was finished in 2016 and was shown at AQS Lancaster 2017. The quilt has lots of negative space that was beautifully quilted by Mandy Applebee of Yellow House Quilts. I designed this quilt and pieced it myself. The quilt deconstructs with various elements pulled out in one direction and the grid pulled out in the opposite direction forming a v. My intent was to have two halves that come together at the top section of the quilt.

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